Pickleball Guide

In this pickleball guide section, I provide pickleball rules, tips & tricks. By learning those you can improve your performance on the pickleball court. All the information are from trusted sources.

Pickleball Paddle Position

Pickleball Paddle Position

Do you think you can hold and keep your pickleball paddle randomly in any area you prefer? Obviously, you can. But when you want to get the best out of your gaming, your pickleball paddle position is important. To implement your preferred shot successfully, you need to learn the proper way of holding your paddle. …

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Pickleball Power Serve

Pickleball Power Serve

Pickleball has many important factors to consider, and serving is one of them. You or your opponent starts the game through serving. It often helps you win a lot of points in the game. You can’t expect to have a point after hitting a weak serve. Because your opponent is going to give a strong …

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How To Hold A Pickleball Paddle

How To Hold A Pickleball Paddle

As a beginner, you may think it’s simple to hold a pickleball paddle and hit the ball in your desired direction. But you’ve to know how to hold a pickleball paddle correctly, which takes time and skills to learn. Pickleball paddles come in various shapes and designs to suit multiple play styles. You can make …

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Pickleball Tips For Tennis Player

Pickleball Tips for Tennis Players- 8 Things You Should Keep In Mind

Thinking of switching from tennis to pickleball? Well, not only you, this has become a common practice among thousands of people. Some people leave tennis because of its quicker or complicated playability, while others show disinterest due to physical issues. You’ll also find people who made this transition for a short period to boost their …

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how to clean pickleball court

How To Clean Pickleball Court

Maintenance of pickleball courts is something we do in a variety of ways. Regularly cleaning the pickleball court is one of them. But, How to clean pickleball court? Different types of dirt and debris may accumulate on the pickleball court surfaces. This reduces playability. Also, it makes the surface risky for slippery issues. Do you …

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Common Pickleball Injuries

4 Common Pickleball Injuries

Are you fond of playing pickleball sports? Ever experienced any injuries? We all love to enjoy this game. But sometimes, we end up having various common pickleball injuries. Even if you are pretty careful while playing the game, you still have certainty of experiencing injuries in various ways. After all, it is a high-involving racket …

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