About Us

Hi everyone, it’s Rafi Ahmed Chowdhury owner of Pickleballsinfo. From the end of 2020, I have started my first Pickleball blog Pickleballsinfo. Since that time, I and my team are working hard. I, my partner, and our writers, everyone doing research as much as we can to make sure our visitors get the information they want. 

As everyone knows Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America and the number of new players has increased more and more in the last few years. Also, many tennis players are now started playing Pickleball. 

So, beginner players are looking to gain more information about Pickleball. Despite there being so much information available online, they are not organized properly all the time. So, we are trying to share as much as organized information possible. 

All the articles we published about tips, tricks, information, reviews, etc. are researched from other online blogs so sometimes there can be small mistakes, but we try to share as much as accurate data with you.

We didn’t use the paddles, shoes, and other equipment which we shared in my articles and reviews. We researched other people’s online reviews, blogs, information shared on eCommerce websites, Facebook groups, etc. other sources, and from those, we tried to create more informative articles that may save your time and helps you to choose the paddle or equipment’s you are looking for.

If you find any inappropriate information or data on our blog, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and inform us about that issue. That will help us to fix those things 🙂