Pickleball Paddle Position

Do you think you can hold and keep your pickleball paddle randomly in any area you prefer? Obviously, you can. But when you want to get the best out of your gaming, your pickleball paddle position is important.

To implement your preferred shot successfully, you need to learn the proper way of holding your paddle. While having the paddle on your hand, your primary focus should be reducing shot errors and miss shots as little as possible.

Keeping the pickleball paddle in a perfect position will reduce the chance of dropping the paddle that often happens due to fatigue or tiredness. Here we will share some practical techniques about proper positioning of the pickleball paddle. Let’s dive in!

Flexibility Is Necessary For The Ready Position

Flexibility Is Necessary For The Ready Position

(Imagine a clock)Though 12 o’clock position or straight up in front of the pickleball net is good to some extent for new pickleball players. It has some drawbacks.

When a player moves from the 12 o’clock position to 9 o’clock position to play backhand shots, this gives their rival player dominance over them.

If your opponent hits the ball at your weaker side, you will struggle to return the ball. Plus, sometimes, it will be hard for you to play a solid backhand shot since you may fail to move the paddle at the perfect position to hit the ball.

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Tracking The Ball Using the Paddle

Tracking the Ball Using the Paddle

It is always best to keep your paddle as close as possible to the ball. You will assume something like glue between your pickleball paddle and the ball.

This will give you better control over the ball and make you more engaged in the game. Both your body and mind will be more focused on the gameplay.

Keeping A Balance Between Your Body And Paddle

Keeping A Balance Between Your Body And Paddle

Since you are holding the paddle using your paddle, there is a direction between your body and the paddle. How you move your body will directly or indirectly affect the pickleball paddle position.

Make sure you keep your whole body in a decent straight and high position. Avoid bending over. Plus, hold your paddle in an elevated place and in front of your body. In addition, continuously track the ball by pointing the paddle at the ball.

Your body should maintain a perfect pace when the ball moves from one side to another. Avoid giving pressure to your wrist and elbow. Instead, utilize your shoulder zone to hit the ball as much as you can.

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Don’t Always Keep Your Paddle In A High Position

Don't Always Keep Your Paddle In A High Position

Many professional coaches and experts always believe in keeping their paddle in the upper position. Though it is often beneficial in several ways, you should not think you can’t come out of it.

In fact, many professional players don’t always keep their paddle in an upper position. They generally keep their paddle at waist height or even close to the upper legs. But they always maintain the ‘ready position’ while hitting the ball.

What’s more, when you hold the paddle in an excessive position, you will struggle to move the racquet quickly. After all, it raises the center of gravity.

Concrete On Game But Don’t Forget To Keep Your Paddle On The Right Position

Concrete On Game But Don't Forget To Keep Your Paddle On The Right Position

So, you have learned where to hold and keep your paddle. You are keeping the paddle in the right position initially. But sometimes, you might be so concentrated on your game that you keep dropping your paddle position lower and lower.

Keeping your paddle lower and very close to your body makes you less balanced. The reason is that your bodyweight moves to your heel area. This makes you struggle to have perfect timing for moving the ball.

Keep You Paddle Always In An Attack Or Block Mode

Keep You Paddle Always In An Attack Or Block Mode

Some professional or experienced players are so good at quick hands that we can spend hours seeing their magical movements.

 However, a lot of people don’t realize that their quick hands allow them to keep the paddle in the perfect spot based on the situation.

According to most professional players, you should always keep your paddle either in an attacking or blocking mode instead of dropping it down to your legs.

So, whenever you want to attack or block the ball, it means you have to keep the paddle in front of your body.

Keeping the paddle at the forward position to the net direction allows you to contact the ball more conveniently. The reason is that you don’t have to waste time to return your paddle to the right position. 

Pickleball Paddle Position—It’s Not Just The Paddle!

Pickleball Paddle Position—It's Not Just The Paddle!

Some of you may already know your paddle position and your body position are highly connected to each other. Keeping both of them on the correct spot is crucial.

Some people stand too tall while holding the paddle in the correct position. But too tall standing won’t favor attacking or blocking your pickleball shot perfectly.

When your rival player hits the ball on the volley exchange area, it just goes over the top of the net. Keeping yourself where the ball will land is necessary if you want to attack or block the ball. And your position should be a little lower.

What’s more, it is a good rule of thumb to keep your hips and knees in a flexible position and your feet in an apart position. This will give you a feel like keeping your heels slightly off the ground.

Wrapping Up

Pickleball Paddle Position - Wrapping Up

Many of us know the right techniques for playing pickleball, but we miss out on the perfect positioning of a pickleball paddle. Keeping your paddle on the right zone doesn’t only give you more convenience to hit the ball but also helps you win the match.

 Hopefully, this position has helped you figure out the ideal pickleball position based on the situation. As we mentioned earlier, you have to be a conscious player always to make sure your body and position are in the right spot. Though it may seem a little difficult initially, regular practice will give you a natural flow to retain this habit.