Difference Between Heavy, Mid Weight And Light Weight Pickleball Paddles

Does a pickleball paddle weight make any difference to you? It should be. After all, it affects your performance and gameplay. Choosing the correct type of paddle is important that can help you to let you play most conveniently.

Difference Between Heavy, Mid Weight And Light Weight Pickleball Paddles

However, there’s no deciding rule about the ideal weight of a pickleball paddle. Some players love to play with heavy paddles, and beginners prefer to play with lightweight paddles.

 Also, many people use midweight paddles to get both power and control. Let’s learn the difference between heavy, mid-weight, and lightweight pickleball paddles.

Why Do Paddles Have a Weight Range?

Why Do Paddles Have a Weight Range

Even the smallest elements of the paddle can affect the overall weight of the paddle. For example, a pickleball paddle with more grip length will increase its weight slightly. Using a little more adhesive will also affect the weight of the paddle.

However, it’s hard to maintain a strict weight standard for a paddle. Its weight may increase or decrease because even 0.1oz matters for a pickleball paddle.

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Pickleball Paddles’ Weight

The weight of the pickleball paddle ranges from 6 to 14 ounces. Generally, wooden paddles have a minimum weight of 9 ounces.

Two main factors are mainly related to pickleball paddles: power and swinging speed. Heavier paddles are better when you want more power and less swing speed.

On the contrary, lightweight paddles are effective to get more swing speed but less power. You’ve put more pressure on the same amount of power you’ll get from heavier paddles.

However, you’ll also have to consider the materials used for making the paddle surface as well as the core material. These two factors will put an effect on the paddle weight.

Lightweight Pickleball Paddles

Any pickleball paddle under 7.2 ounces weight is considered a lightweight paddle. If you’re a touch player who wants more control, this type of paddle is an ideal option.

Playing hit dropping and dink shots is more convenient with lightweight pickleball paddles. You can blast the ball more quickly using this paddle since it has a fast response time.

Ex squash or racquetball players will feel comfortable playing with this kind of paddle. You’ll receive a similar wristy action from this paddle, like the rackets of ping pong or racquetball.

One downside of using this product is that you’ll experience more vibrations while hitting the ball with more force. You may also face tennis elbow issues when hitting the ball. Ex-tennis players with elbow problems shouldn’t use this paddle.

Midweight Pickleball Paddles

Any pickleball paddle between 7.3 ounces to 8.4 ounces is considered midweight paddles. When you want both power and control moderately, midweight pickleball paddles are perfect for picking.

This type of paddle can help you serve and hit back the ball with enough power while controlling the ball adequately. People with tennis elbow issues should use midweight paddles. This’ll reduce their wrist pain.

Ex-tennis players will enjoy this type of paddle as they’re not used play with lightweight paddles. Since tennis players don’t utilize wrist actions significantly, generating power with this paddle will be more convenient.

Heavyweight Pickleball Paddles

Any pickleball paddle of more than 8.5 ounces is considered a heavyweight paddle. However, there’s a restriction to use heavyweight paddles to some extent.

You’ve to maintain the weight standard, especially while playing tournaments. Generally, it can be up to 9.5 ounces. Though there’re some paddles with more than 9.5 ounces of weight, they’re rare. These paddles are made from wood.

Many professional and experienced players use heavy paddles to get more pop and reflexes from the paddle. However, playing with heavy paddles for a long time may cause fatigue issues.

Ex-tennis players who used to play the singles game more frequently will love to use heavyweight paddles. But he shouldn’t have had any elbow grease issues in the past. Otherwise, he has a probability of facing the injury again.

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Can Pickleball Players Feel The Exact Weight Of The Paddle?

Can Pickleball Players Feel The Exact Weight Of The Paddle

Pro players don’t need an exact amount of weight for their pickleball paddle. They’re okay with playing different paddles.

Newbies who played racquet sports in the past can distinguish between lightweight and midweight paddles. On the contrary, some advanced players may feel even 0.2oz weight range as they’re used to playing with various weighted paddles.


Though a slight weight difference won’t affect your gameplay, every ounce matters. Before using a particular weighted paddle, you’ve to know your playing requirements.

Also, consider what type of racquet sports you have in the past and whether you’ve faced any elbow injuries. Choosing a lightweight or midweight paddle is better if you’re new to the game.

You can shift to heavier paddles only after learning the game techniques like professionals. Hopefully, you got a clear overview of the difference between heavy, mid-weight, and light-weight pickleball paddles.