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In this pickleball guide section, I provide pickleball rules, tips & tricks. By learning those you can improve your performance on the pickleball court. All the information are from trusted sources.

Uncommon Pickleball Rules Questions

Uncommon Pickleball Rules Questions

The popularity of pickleball is skyrocketing day by day. But new and mid-level players have many queries regarding various types of pickleball rules. Knowing all the rules of pickleball is crucial to avoiding mistakes during the gameplay. Learning the basic rules of pickleball is simple. However, it takes time to learn the tricky rules of …

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Types of pickleball paddles

Types of Pickleball Paddles (Shapes, Cores, Surfaces, Grips)

When it comes to choosing a pickleball paddle, we often feel confused about grabbing a specific option. Pickleball racquets are available in various surface materials, cores, shapes, handle sizes, grip sizes, and weights. But which one is the best option for you? Choosing a particular pickle paddle requires considering your skill level, game style, experience, …

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Pickleball Drills To Improve Control

Pickleball Drills To Improve Control

Regardless of the game you play, practice is the main key for mastering any game. Learning some pickleball drills can be a game-changer when you want to uplift your pickleball skills. Though many pickleball drills are available, your primary focus should be on improving your control. Increased control means domination over opponents. The more time …

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