Uncommon Pickleball Rules Questions

The popularity of pickleball is skyrocketing day by day. But new and mid-level players have many queries regarding various types of pickleball rules. Knowing all the rules of pickleball is crucial to avoiding mistakes during the gameplay.

Learning the basic rules of pickleball is simple. However, it takes time to learn the tricky rules of pickleball through experience. If you are new to the pickleball game and wondering about many uncommon pickleball rules questions, keep reading this article.

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Commonly asked pickleball questions

What is “Line Calls” In Pickleball Games?

What is "Line Calls" In Pickleball Games?

A ball is a physical object that needs to touch the white paint line and contact the ground. If the ball touches the edge of the line (hovering over), it is out of line. 

One trick to make line calls more accurate is considering the ball’s location from different angles. You can figure it out quickly, whether inside or outside court, based on where you are in the court.

However, if it is a close call on your side, you need to give your opponent the benefit of the doubt. And you must call it in. 

Watch this video from Pickleball Channel about Pickleball Line Call Rule:

Can I Put Stickers On My Pickleball Paddle?

If these stickers are only handwritten or pen markings, you can add them to any part of the pickleball body. However, stickers are a spare part of any other thing you can’t use them.

Additionally, the pickleball paddle surface must have roughness like before. You should avoid using any stickers or graphics that will affect its roughness.

Also, you want to ensure an accepted esthetic standard after applying the sticker. You don’t want to put any sticker that looks odd or incompatible with the paddle surface.

Are You Allowed To Switch Hands In Pickleball?

You can switch the pickleball from one hand to another hand anytime during playtime. Whether you want to play left-handed, right-handed, or double-handed shots, there is a restriction on switching hands. Playing switch their hands in pickleball to trick their competitive players.

Many two-handed backhand players switch hands instinctually to have more reach. Changing hands appears a practical choice when you are out of reach backhands.

Is it legal to use textured pickleball paddles?

According to the pickleball rule, a pickleball paddle must not have any type of hole in its entire body. Plus, it can’t have any rough textures or uneven surfaces.

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A highly rough textured paddle allows the player to spin the ball quickly with additional speed and power. This type of paddle is known as illegal for any professional game.

Also, you can’t add any tape or objects to get more spin on the ball. It is prohibited to alter the original design of the paddle significantly.

Can You Use Two Paddles At the Same Time?

Can You Use Two Paddles At the Same Time?

You can’t use two paddles at the same time. Keeping one paddle in each hand looks odd. As for any professional gameplay, it is not allowed at all.

However, switching one paddle between hands is entirely okay. It appears only practical when you have the capability to use both left and right hands equally well.

But it only works for a few people. If you are used to playing with only one hand, it is better to play with that particular hand. Otherwise, you will miss out on accuracy and power.

Can You Spin The Ball With Your Hand Before Hitting Your Serve?

You can spin the ball with your hand before striking the serve since there are no hard and fast rules about how you should toss a ball. Though it is an uncommon practice, no pickleball rules are there to prohibit it.  

Can You Spike In Pickleball?

You can spike a pickleball. Both teams need to let the ball bounce before playing a volley shot. Also, maintaining a seven-foot no-volley distance from each side of the net is mandatory to eliminate “spiking” in this area.

What Is The 10 Second Rule In Pickleball?

What Is The 10 Second Rule In Pickleball

The 10-second rule in pickleball signifies you will get 10 seconds to take the serve after announcing the score. You will be counted at fault if you fail to serve off the ball within 10 seconds.

This rule is applicable to both the receiver and receiver. You will get a technical warning from the referee before the 10 seconds are about to pass.

However, continuing to delay will result in a point awarded to the opponent team. The server will miss the opportunity to get the point.

Can You Serve Sidearm In Pickleball?

As long as you keep the position of your pickleball paddle under the wrist area and touch the ball while keeping it under the waist area, you can serve sidearm in pickleball.

Your serve has to be hit in an underhand motion. Make sure your arm is not raised above the shoulder area. Throwing the ball involves sweeping the arm between shoulder and hip in a sideways motion.

Playing sidearm serve is a more practical choice for advanced-level players. After all, they can react to the ball precisely. Experts are good at spinning and snapping balls like a pro.

Final Thought

Some new players often feel confused about some uncommon pickleball rules questions. We have answered the top important questions about pickleball rules to eliminate your confusion.

Make sure always to maintain contact with the professional players since the pickleball rules update from time to time. Let us know if you have any further questions regarding pickleball rules.

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