Pickleball Paddle Maintenance Guide 2021

Some people are really serious about taking care of their pickleball paddle, and they always want to maintain a tip-top condition for that. Others may take care of it occasionally, but they barely worry about the marks and ringing sound that occurs while playing.

And, there is another group, including myself (also can be you), who doesn’t afford to buy a new pickleball paddle every year.  

Pickleball Paddle Maintenance Guide 2021

So, people like me can consider a pickleball paddle as a long-term investment. That’s why you want to take care of it properly. Taking care of your pickleball paddle will not ensure that it will last a lifetime.

But it will undoubtedly guarantee that it will hold out the best possible time. This is why pickleball paddle maintenance is a must-have option when you want to last your companion as much as possible.

How Long Does a Pickleball Paddle last?

No matter how much cautious you become while playing with your pickleball paddle, it will start wear and tear after a particular time. The grip will stop supporting your hand to hold the paddle, the edge will get scratch, and the surface will diminish its quality.

Additionally, manufacturers are working hard to develop advanced pickleball paddles, and you want to upgrade your old paddle if you really a professional player. 

With meticulous care, you can use a pickleball paddle from 1 year to 5 years. Professionals will need to change in a short time since they play hard and aggressively for a long time. The paddle’s edge will easily wear out before the paddle because it takes a lot of messes.

However, it is a good sign you are playing with all your efforts to show how good you are at it.

Pickleball Paddle Maintenance

How Long Does A Pickleball Paddle last?

How Do You Clean A Pickleball Paddle?

Can you differentiate between the performance of a new pickleball paddle and the old one? Of course, you can! New pickleball paddles are more responsive and can help to do practice more accurate shots than a same-model old paddle.

If you want to ensure your pickleball paddle performs close to a new pickleball paddle, you need to clean it regularly. Pickleball paddle cleaning is one of the essential things you will do for your favorite sport.

Cleaning the edge and face of the paddle

You can use a glass/window cleaner or abrasion-resistant liquid dishwasher soap and non-linting fabric to clean the edge and face of the pickleball paddle. Give it a gentle and smooth rubbing without doing any vigorous scrubbing.

Graphics will start to diminish its quality since it gets contacted with the ball. Hence, you can calm yourself down about it. It is a proof of your love towards your pickleball paddle and the game.

Cleaning the grip

Your pickleball paddle grip will collect dust and grime from your sweat. It is better to rub out the grip with a damp fabric after play. It will keep the grip dust-free and from your sweat. Also, it will enhance the end-of-life of your paddle.

However, after a certain time, you want to change or replace the grip. Because an old grip will lose its gripping quality and cushioning with the pace of time, the lifespan of your grip will depend on the amount of time you spend with it. Similarly, the number of times you want to replace the grip will depend on your willingness and your playing time.

How to Fix Pickleball Paddle Easily

Many normal players or professional players face sudden wear and tear of their pickleball paddle. These days a premium quality pickleball costs more than $100 or close to $150.

However, there are also cheap options available. It all relies on your budget and personal needs before choosing a pickleball paddle. Plus, a high-quality pickleball paddle will not last throughout your life. Always changing the old paddle is not a perfect solution. 

If there is a small issue that doesn’t need any replacement, you can repair your pickleball paddle to save your money. Many problems may pop-up while playing with your pickleball paddle-like

Problem In Edge Guard

An edge guard is one of the most crucial parts of the pickleball paddle. When you think of pickleball paddle maintenance, you want to ensure that it remains in good condition. Aside from protecting the whole paddle, the edge guard supports holding and joint all the paddle layers. You may see the edge guard is loosening, or it is falling off slowly.

Lack of Balance

For any sports accessories, unless there is precise balance, you can’t control it effectively. You can sort out this problem by using lead tape. It will provide perfect stability and allow you to hit the ball more powerfully.

Problem in Grip

Using the same grip for a prolonged time may lead to damage. You may experience slippery conditions while holding it or twisting your hand, or you might be thrown away from your hand accidentally. Replacing the old grip with a new grip is the best solution, we think.  

We have already described the solution for lack of balance and problem in the grip. Now. We will help you solve the issue on the edge guard.

How to Fix Paddle Edge Guard Problem

Things you will need to fix paddle edge guard issue

  • Keep a minimum of two edge guards at hand.
  • A knife or scissor
  • A dust-free fabric
  • Glue

Step 1— Take Off the Old Edge Guard

First of all, you need to remove the old edge guard from the paddle. You can take the help of a cutter or scissor to cut it from one aside. Some manufacturers use glue to stick the edge guard. In that case, you will remove the patches using a knife and then scratch them to remove them from the surface entirely.

Step 2— Empty-out All Dust from Edge Guard

After removing the old edge guard, your second task is cleaning all the small objects from the surface. You may see some tiny patches on it. Use a knife to remove them and then rub them with a clean cloth to make them super clean.

Step 3— Change Edge Guard

You can either replace the edge guard using glue or without it.

I) With Glue

Make sure to choose a powerful glue that lasts for a long time. Otherwise, it will tear down automatically after a few days. You can follow two methods to put glue in it. One is pouring glue inside the edge guard rubber first and use the glue on the paddle edges.

The second method is putting glue the paddle edge initially and then place an edge guard on it.

II) Without Glue

Most edge guards are crafted from rubber materials. As a result, it gives you the scope to extend it and place it on the edges gingerly.

However, make sure the edge guard you will choose should be neither too loose nor too tight. Because you may damage the excessively tight edge guard when you want to extend it.  

Pickleball Paddle Maintenance Guide (Pro Tips)

Different pickleball paddles are constructed from various components. Some are made from wood, some are crafted from plastic, and a few are made from graphite or composite. High-quality paddles are quite expensive, but they are long-lasting.

Also, they are easy to take care of, unlike cheap quality paddles. That’s why whenever you are planning to purchase a new pickleball paddle, make sure you invest some money to ensure a good-quality and hassle-free maintenance.

Never Throw The Paddle On The Court

One most common thing many professionals or ordinary people do is kicking, dropping, or throwing the paddle on the court. Venting out your anger on a paddle will not improve your score.

Though pickleball paddles are made from high-quality materials, they can’t take as much abuse as a tennis racket does. Hence, it is better to play naturally without tossing it on the playground.

Avoid Using The Paddle To Roll Or Pick The Ball

Avoid using the paddle to drift the ball to your mate or the opponent. Scraping the boundary side of the paddle on the court will reduce the quality and also the lifespan. When you use the edge to pick the ball from the ground, you are actually compromising your paddle performance.

Don’t Expose Your Paddle to Excessive Heat or Cold

It is better to keep away your pickleball paddle from excessive heat or cold. It can be the reason behind a lot of damage. It is especially true for average quality paddles, and they are vulnerable to excessively high or low temperatures.

Many brands offer heat-resistant bags to protect your bag from an elevated temperature. If you don’t have any load, at least keep it in a safe place where your bag won’t get contacted with intense warmth or cold conditions.

Store Your Favorite Paddle In A Perfect Place

Pickleball paddle is made from sensitive equipment, and you can’t just store it anywhere you want. The way you treat your stuff, it will give you service the same way. Keeping your paddle full of pickleball balls and other personal things will diminish your paddle’s good condition.

Your bag may have sweaty clothes and drinking bottles. It will give moisture damage to it. This is why find a separate and perfect fitted bag for your paddle. It should be waterproof to keep it safe from water.

Keep Edge Guard In Good Condition

When we want to talk about the importance of edge guard for pickleball games, we are short of words. When you are playing and hitting vigorously against your opponents, the edge guard protects your paddle from incidental nicks and bumps.

This is why you want to make sure that it remains in tight condition tight on your paddle. If it became loose, don’t forget to use glue to make it tight. You can follow our step-by-step to do it correctly.

Maintain A Balanced Weight For Your Paddle

The paddle you choose for your pickleball game should have a balanced weight. The ideal weight for a pickleball paddle is close to 7.5 ounces. If your paddle is excessively light, you will need to execute more power to hit the ball forcefully.

On the other hand, too much heavier paddles don’t allow players to bounce back off after hitting the first shot. For too light paddle, you can increase the weight by over-gripping the handle.

Avoid Doing Stupid Things With Your Paddle

Your paddle is not something to hit a hard object like a hammer. Also, make sure you don’t keep the paddle under heavy items. Storing it under heavy objects for a long time may bend the head or edge of the paddle. That’s why keep it a separate and safe place.

Don’t Use the Same Grip for A Long Time

Using the same grip for an extended period will not provide the type of grip you want. Over-gripping is also a good option. But when you do regrip multiple times, your paddle handle becomes too thick to hold in hand firmly. That’s why fully change or replace it when you think it will become too thick to hold in hand.

Use Your Paddle in the right way

If you are professional, then you have already known how to take care of your pickleball paddle. Playing in correct way will ensure the longest possible lifespan.

Don’t Give Your Paddle To Others

Someone may not take care of your paddle like the way you take care of it. He/she may break it and damage the essential grips. Or, you will not receive the same comfort while holding the handle like the way you did earlier. That’s why keep your personal thing close to yourself and don’t let others play with it.


Whether you are a professional or a typical player who loves to play pickleball paddle, pickleball paddle maintenance is necessary for all. Taking care of your things will ensure a longer lifespan and prevent spending unnecessary money. Plus, make sure to do pickleball paddle cleaning regularly for enhanced service life.