Pickleball Ball Size: Indoor vs Outdoor Pickleball ball Guide

When you will go for buying a new ball for pickleball then you must know the difference between the indoor and outdoor balls, which balls you have to choose, a pickleball ball size of both game types, and which ball color is comfortable especially on outdoor or indoor pickleball game.

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If you want to increase your skills in pickleball, then you have to learn everything about it. Pickleball can be played both indoor and outdoor. Most of the players are used to play outdoor games or indoor games. But to improve your skills to the next level you have to learn both game types.

By reading this article you will get the answer of all the questions you have in your mind. Moreover, we will suggest some brands and balls which are using by professionals.

Lets dive into the article.

Pickleball Ball Size And Weight:

The official pickleball ball size is between 2.874 inches and 2.972 inches(73 mm to 75.5 mm) in diameter, and the ball weight should be between 0.78 ounces and 0.935 ounces (22 grams to 26.5 grams).

Difference between outdoor balls and indoor balls

Outdoor and indoor balls have few differences which are easily noticeable but both ball sizes are the same. So In this article, we will share some characteristics of indoor and outdoor pickleball balls, also we will share some differences between indoor and outdoor pickleball balls.

Outdoor Pickleball Balls Characteristics

  • The outdoor ball’s weight is around 0.9 ounces (25.5 grams).
  • The outdoor pickleball ball has smaller holes.
  • Most of the outdoor pickleball ball has 40 holes.
  • Because of its weight, it is less responded by the wind.
  • The material is hard enough to make the ball long-lasting.
  • Moreover, these outdoor pickleball balls bounce higher than indoor balls.
  • Some of the famous outdoor balls are ONIX, TOP, DURA.

More About Outdoor Pickleball Balls:

Outdoor balls weights about 0.9 ounces & heavier for durability and less responsive to wind. Those pickleball balls are made with harder plastic, for wind resistance they must become heavier. You can easily notice the weight difference between outdoor balls and indoor balls.

Outdoor balls have smaller holes and mostly they have 36-40 holes, on the other hand indoor balls has bigger holes.

The wind is a big issue when playing pickleball outdoor. Everyone knows that it is a big issue when serving the ball as well as it makes it harder to return the ball. So it’s important to use a heavier ball. Heavy balls are very useful for wind resistance.

The specialty of outdoor balls is they bounce higher and make more noise than indoor balls. Those balls are less control able and harder to hit. But outdoor ball shots faster!

How to select the perfect outdoor pickleball ball?

There are lot of balls available but Dura Fast 40 is most popular. But Franklin Sports X-40 & Onix Pure 2 are also popular.

Dura Fast 40 is USAP approved and about 90% tournaments use Dura Fast. You can find more our suggestion about perfect outdoor pickleball our best pickleball ball article.

But the issue is Dura Fast 40 last only a few games but Franklin Sports X-40 last And Onix Pure 2 more. I am not going to write details on which ball to select. You can buy any one of them. You will not find any big difference in the game.

Indoor Pickleball Balls Characteristics:

  • The indoor balls are softer than the outdoor balls.
  • Indoor balls are also lighter than outdoor balls.
  • These Indoor balls have larger holes and fewer holes than the outdoor pickleball balls.
  • These balls also do not bounce higher as the outdoor balls.
  • The weight of the indoor ball is 0.8 ounces

More About Indoor Pickleball Ball:

Indoor balls are a little lighter than outdoor balls. Indoor balls weigh about 0.8 ounces and made with lighter plastic. Indoor pickleball balls have larger holes and fewer holes than outdoor balls. Mostly those balls have 26 holes and the outdoor balls have 40 holes.

Indoor balls don’t bounce high. Those balls are much softer than the outdoor ball that they will not hurt you if get hit by one. These indoor balls are not as durable as the outdoor pickleball balls, because it is made of soft plastic.

Moreover, as the balls are light, so you can have more control while serving. You can let the ball in low to high while serving. These balls are only being used in indoor, less windy atmosphere, because these balls are so light.

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Some popular Indoor pickleball ball brand:

There are a lots of indoor ball brands available, but some of them are very popular then others because of their quality. Some of the popular indoor ball brands are Top, Dura, JUG etc. These brands also make outdoor pickleball balls, so they are doing quite good in pickleball ball industry.

Some Of The Key Difference Between Indoor And Outdoor Balls:

The main difference between indoor and outdoor pickleball balls are given in the table below:

Indoor Pickleball BallOutdoor Pickleball Ball
WeightComparatively Lighter around 0.8 ounceSlightly heavier around 0.9 ounce
HoleHas around 26 bigger holesHas approximately 40 smaller holes
DurabilityLess durable, because soft and light plasticMore Durable for harder plastic