How to Lace Pickleball Shoes

A pair of comfortable and supportive pickleball shoes is necessary to play a pickleball game smoothly. You think you are done? NO!

Perfect fitting is essential for shoes. Otherwise, you will have foot pain. Lacing shoes correctly plays a vital role in perfect shoe fitting. Some people mistakenly think they have not purchased the correct size. But it is actually not true.

How to lace pickleball shoes properly

Our feet have various shapes. We may already have different foot issues. Wearing shoe laces ideally as per our feet shape and foot issues can give us a relaxed feeling.

Wondering how to lace pickleball shoes? Here we will share some techniques to lace pickleball shoes as per your foot shape and foot issues.

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High Arches

If you have high arches, ensuring enough room to manoeuvre is necessary. For that, you want to make the middle of the shoe a little bit spacious.

By utilizing this lacing approach, you will have a relaxed feeling with no foot pressure. Running, walking or moving will be easy for you.

  • Generally, start with the criss-cross point to lace your pickleball sneakers
  • Then, jump one eyelet and put the lace inside the next eyelet from the top position. Make sure you keep every lace on its original side before doing it.
  • Keep lacing from the above area in a criss-cross manner. Do it until you touch the tongue section.

Toe Pain

Toe pain is one of the common foot pains many players encounter. When your toes are in pain, you feel pinched on the area or have dark toenails.

Getting rid of this problem requires ensuring there is enough space between your toes. When you have enough space on the toes area, you can move toes in various directions.

For this issue, you can follow the “Toe-Cap” lacing method, which we are going to mention below:

  • First of all, locate the thumb toe area and begin lacing and gradually shift to the reverse direction. While putting laces inside the eyelet, make sure you do it from the top section. You may need slightly larger laces for this method.
  • Once one side is complete, go for the other side — make sure it is 4 inches longer. Follow the criss-cross approach to lace the shoe for the remaining eyelets.
  • Finally, tie the lace typically.

Wide Feet

Lace Pickleball Shoes For Wide Feet

People with wide feet often face difficulty having a comfortable feeling while wearing shoes. After all, they need extra spaces.

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Following the “Bar Lacing” technique is the perfect way to eliminate this issue. Here is the way to do it.

  • Start lacing the laces by following the criss-cross approach.
  • Afterward, jump one or two eyelets from each side of the shoes.
  • Consistently follow the same approach all the way through the sneaker.

Heel Blisters / Slipping:

Are you having heel blisters issues? Why facing this? When you face slippery issues on your heel area, you may face heel blister problems.

Your foot movement needs to be restricted in order to combat this problem entirely. For that, “Lock Lacing” is an effective technique you can follow. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Begin lacing your sneakers by following the criss-cross approach and do it up to you reach the second-to-last eyelet.
  • Next, put the lace inside the final eyelet, and it will come outside part of the sneaker. As a result, a loop will be created between the final two eyelets.
  • Lastly, you will cross your laces through your loops and then insert them back into your shoes. Tie the shoe generally after you have secured it around your foot.

Bunions / Wide Forefoot:

how to lace pickleball shoes for Bunions or Wide Forefoot

Instead of having fully wide feet, many people have wide forefoot. For these people, ensuring an appropriate toe box area is necessary to feel comfortable and prevent foot injuries.

The “Gap Lacing” technique can be utilized in such cases. It differs from other lacing methods in a few ways. Here is the proper way you want to follow for lacing your sneakers:

  • Start lacing the laces from each side. Don’t follow the criss-cross pattern initially.
  • When you reach the mid-foot area, then you will implement the criss-cross method.
  • Do it until you reach the last eyelets and then tie the typical way.

Lace Accordingly For Optimum Comfort!

Pickleball Shoes Lace Accordingly For Optimum Comfort!

Following the proper technique to lace, your shoes are essential to ensure maximum comfort and achieve your desired performance. Most importantly, it prevents foot injuries.

However, you must get the right type and right size shoes based on your feet shape. Otherwise, it won’t be effective knowing how to lace pickleball shoes. Following any lacing style won’t benefit you unless you buy the correct sneakers.

Before choosing any pickleball shoes, consider everything for your pickleball game and your feet pattern. Hopefully, you have gotten a fair idea about various lacing techniques for various foot shapes and foot problems.