How To Clean Pickleball Shoes

Every sport has some specific gear, and pickleball is no exception. Wearing the right shoes is important for pickleball games. If you regularly play, your shoes are likely to get dirty.

How to Clean Pickleball Shoes

So, how to clean pickleball shoes? Cleaning your pickleball sneaker is hassle-free if you know the right method—it takes few minutes to make your look like a new one. Let’s dive into the procedure.

How to Clean Pickleball Shoes

Cleaning your pickleball shoes doesn’t require you to be an expert or professional. Having some basic knowledge and essential things is enough to wash your pickleball shoes effectively.

Things you will need

  • An old toothbrush
  • Liquid soap
  • A mixture of baking soda and water
  • A bowl with clean water
  • Washcloth

how to clean pickleball shoes by hand?

How to Clean Pickleball Shoes

Step 1 —Removing Dirt

First of all, keep your pickleball shoes in an upside position to pour out tiny pieces of dust and dirt from the inside sole.

Additionally, you may want to eliminate some excessive dirt from the surface of shoes if your shoes have accumulated dried mud.

Only then can you focus on removing tough stains from the internal and external parts of the sneakers. Then, use a soft old toothbrush to take off clingier dirt and other unwanted dirt.

Step 2 —Using Cleaner

Make sure the liquid soap you choose has a mild formula. Otherwise, you may see the light yellow marks on the shoes’ surface.

Now, you want to take some lukewarm water in a bowl, add a small quantity of liquid soap, and then mix the formula. 

Take a fresh washcloth, put it inside the bowl, and use the cloth to remove the stains and other dirt from the shoes. Do it several times to remove all stains from the shoes.

Some stains may not be removed with a washcloth. Under such circumstances, use a soft brush. Put the brush inside the soapy mixture and scrub away stains from the shoes properly.

Sometimes you may think there are stains, but actually, not. Use the washcloth to wipe them from the shoe surface.

Step 3 —Cleaning laces & Insoles

Like the outer surface of shoes, the inner soles of shoes also need to be cleaned. A lot of sweat and dirt may be accumulated inside it. They smell bad too.

Cleaning the laces is also important to make a balance for the overall appearance. Otherwise, it will look odd if your shoes are clean while laces are dirty.

Instead of hand cleaning, you can use your washing machine to wash insoles and laces. Make sure you first put both items into a mesh wash bag before entering them into the washing machine.

Choose the cold/delicate mode to clean them. Choose a gentle detergent and add it inside the machine. Put them outside of the device after a gentle wash.

Step 4 —Drying

So, all parts of the shoes are cleaned. Now, you want to dry up them properly. Instead of a blow dryer, we suggest keeping all sneakers’ parts at normal temperature.

Though it will take more time, it will retain the natural form of the materials. Natural things are the best!

Step 5 —Reassembling 

Once all items are properly dried up, you can put them back in their original place. Put the insole properly. Make sure you don’t mistakenly put the left insole inside the right insole.

That’s it! Congratulations, you have finally learned how to clean pickleball shoes. 

Can You Use Washing Machine To Clean Pickleball Shoes?

Yes, you can but in a limited manner. You must be careful while doing it. Sneakers have a unique shape. Being careless may ruin your pair of pickleball shoes permanently.

If your pickleball shoes are made from suede, real leather, you should never put them inside a washing machine.

How To Wash Pickleball Shoes In Washing Machine

How To Wash Pickleball Shoes In Washing Machine

Washing your shoes in a washing machine requires you to go through some trouble-free steps. But be cautious. Avoid doing any unnecessary things unless it gives any proven benefits.

Here is the step-by-step procedure on How to wash pickleball shoes in a washing machine:

Step 1 — Washing laces

Put out laces and insoles from your shoes and enter them inside a pillowcase. The insoles and laces are kept free of dirt and grime under this approach. Also, there will be no tangles in the shoes.

Step 2 — Removing dirt

Now, eliminate excessive dirt, grimes, and stains from the shoes using a soft brush as much as you can.

Step 3 — Entering Shoes In Machine

Next, you want to put the laces, insoles, and pickleball shoes inside the washing machine. Entering few towels along with these items will make a better balance for cleaning the sneakers. Also, shoes will not hit against each other inside the machine as they are protected.

Step 4 — Adding Detergent

Further, you want to add a small quantity of detergent powder that is not harsh at all. Turn on the machine in the cold/delicate mode. Choose an additional rinse so that no soap residue stays on the shoe’s surface.

Step 5 — Drying

Now, dry your pickleball shoes at a normal temperature properly. Make sure they do not get direct sunlight as it may discolor them or contract their sizes.

Put a fresh towel inside each shoe before drying them. It will help retain its original shape.

When drying your shoes, don’t use a hairdryer. The excessive generated from the dryer may bend or twist your shoe’s original shape.

Wrapping Up

Cleaning your pickleball shoes on a regular basis is mandatory. Dist, dirt, grimes, and sweats will accumulate outside and inside of shoes.

While washing your shoes, make sure you wash them gently, whether you are doing it by hand or a washing machine.

Vigorous cleaning may ruin the functionality and shape of shoes. As they are soft and delicate, carefully dealing with them is your responsibility.

Hopefully, you have learned how to clean pickleball shoes effortlessly with our mentioned easy-proven method.

We have mentioned both machine washing, and hand washing approaches. Nothing should distract you from choosing any of them that seem convenient and appropriate for you.