Difference Between Volleyball Shoes And Pickleball Shoes

Both pickleball and volleyball require a lot of physical activities to play the game. Though they are different sports, some similarities still exist between these two games.

Difference Between  Volleyball Shoes And Pickleball Shoes

Like other gear, choosing a pair of quality shoes is essential. Why? Two things are always important to consider whether you are picking up volleyball shoes or pickleball shoes.

So, what are they? Safety and performance are the two things. Providing enough safety for your feet is necessary to prevent foot injuries. Apart from safety, you want support for great traction and remarkable grip. It improves your gameplay as you focus more on improvement.

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Do you think you can use volleyball shoes to play a pickleball game? What is the difference between volleyball shoes and pickleball shoes? Let’s learn them.

What Are The Differences Between Pickleball And Volleyball?

Pickleball games and volleyball games are unique in their own ways. But still, they have some resemblances. Let’s see them.


First of all, both games require you to return the ball by passing it over the net from one side to the other. It is the most common scene you will see while watching these sports.

Another common thing is using your hands while playing. It means for pickleball games, you hold the pickleball paddle in your hand to hit the ball.

On the contrary, you use your bare hands to pass the ball to opponents.


A lot of dissimilarities exist between volleyball and pickleball games.

Firstly, you can play a pickleball game with one player on each side. Another way to play the game is having two players on each side. But for volleyball, a team is required on each side to play the game. Each team has 6 members.  

Another key difference is their scoring system. For a pickleball game, you need to earn 11 points to win the game while keeping 2 points gap from the opponents.

On the other hand, for the volleyball game, each match has five sets. Winning at least three sets to defend the rival team is necessary.

Can I Wear Volleyball Shoes For Pickleball?

Volleyball shoes are not recommended for outdoor pickleball because they get shredded up easily on the outdoor courts. But you can use volleyball shoes for indoor pickleball courts.

Can You Wear Volleyball Shoes For Pickleball

The construction, design, and support of sports shoes have evolved significantly since the introduction of sports sneakers.

Earlier, players would use to wear the same shoes to play various sports. But time has changed. Our modern era of technologies helps us to develop special equipment for a special game.

Choosing the right gear is essential to improve your gameplay. That’s before playing any particular game, make sure you wear the right shoes.

Back to the question. So, why should you not wear your volleyball shoes for pickleball? Here are the reasons:


Pickleball game often involves aggressiveness to hit the ball hard. That’s why the midsole of pickleball shoes is specially designed to absorb shock and offer to cushion. They are also created to provide an extreme level of grip on the pickleball court while moving around the court.  

On the contrary, volleyball shoes are designed for solid foot and excellent traction. Rubber soles are a must for this sport to provide players a decent grip on the court surface. You achieve fast movements and back to the middle point of the court fast.

Apart from that, volleyball shoes have super sturdy construction to ensure no compromise on performance. Also, it does make players less prone to face any foot injuries. 


As we mentioned earlier, volleyball shoes have rubber soles that are attached through the gum. This type of gum rubber sole material supports players to have unmatched traction on the court surface. Also, players have less probability of sliding on the court surface.

On the other hand, most manufacturing companies use aggressive soles for pickleball shoes. It gives players a tight grip to have decent control over their feet while moving around the court.


If you see both pickleball and volleyball games, you probably know that volleyball games involve more quick movements.

The reason is that you use your bare hands to hit the ball. Hence, players always have to keep them very close to the ball to return it.

Heavy shoes won’t support you to move side to side quickly. That’s why volleyball shoes are lighter than pickleball shoes.

On the contrary, pickleball sneakers are similar to running sneakers. The sole, material, and leather make the footwear slightly heavier than volleyball shoes. But this allows players to have a stable position while hitting the ball. It provides cushioning too.


We compared many pickleball shoes with volleyball shoes. Though people may have different perceptions, pickleball shoes look classy and compact, while volleyball shoes look bulky and less classy.


After inspecting the market, we found that pickleball shoes have a higher price than volleyball shoes.

The price range for pickleball shoes is around $100-$170, while $80-$150 for volleyball shoes. The material, construction, design, and brand value increases or decreases the price.

Related Question

Let’s look at some common related questions that you might be wondering while reading this article.

Do volleyball players need special shoes?

Yes, special shoes are required for volleyball players to support their gameplay, improve performance, and prevent foot injuries. The footwear should be supportive enough to absorb shock and impact because players constantly jump in a volleyball game.

Are basketball shoes better for volleyball?

Though both games have some similarities, it is best to choose a pair of special shoes for the particular game. The reason is that manufacturers consider several crucial factors to make footwear for a specific sport. It supports their feet, prevents foot issues, and improves their gameplay.

Are running shoes good for volleyball?

The straightforward answer is No. Volleyball shoes must have enough cushioning to support side-to-side movements. But a pair of running shoes can be only useful if you move back and front. Hence, a volleyball player may end up having foot or ankle injuries as it is not supported for side-to-side movements.

Can You Wear Volleyball Shoes Outside?

In general, it is not a good idea to wear volleyball shoes for walking outside. They are specially designed for indoor surfaces only. You may see wear and tear for wearing them outside for several months. The most usual thing you will notice is the lack of grip when quality deterioration occurs.  

How often should I replace my volleyball shoes?

As long as the shoes can support your feet and you feel nothing uneasy, you can wear them. Wearing several years with proper care is completely okay.

What do I look for in volleyball shoes?

Picking a pair of quality volleyball shoes should not be a hassle. Lightweight, cushioning, breathability, stability, perfect fit, support, durability, and price are the main things you will look at in volleyball shoes.

Wrapping Up

Final Words About Why should not you use volleyball shoes at outdoor pickleball courts

Hopefully, the above discussion already covered the difference between volleyball shoes and pickleball shoes in greater detail.

Seeing pickleball shoes and volleyball shoes initially, you may think both of them are similar. But actually, they are not. A lot of factors distinguish each of them.

Hence, you have probably already understood the importance of choosing particular footwear for the specific game.

If you enjoy playing both games, we suggest buying shoes for both sports separately. Thanks for reading!