Can Your Paddle Cross The Plane Of The Net?

For most games, there are always some rules and regulations that should be followed strictly. Similarly, Pickleball also has some rules that the players, especially the tournament players, must know before landing on the field. 


If you have already started to play, you perhaps know the basic rules of this game. However, you don’t need to worry about its rules because Pickleball is one of those games that have pretty simple and easily understandable rules. 

Today, we are going to explain one of the crucial rules of Pickleball, where we’ll try to find “Can your paddle cross the net in Pickleball?”

Let’s read out the following part for better comprehension. 

Can Your Paddle Cross the Net in Pickleball? 

Many of you often ask if your paddle can cross the net. That is clearly stated in the Official USA Pickleball Rulebook. Let’s explain that for your clear understanding. 

According to the 11. I rule of this book says,  The players are not allowed to cross the Pickleball net plane or the imaginary extension line beyond the net posts until they don’t strike the ball. Here, along with any part of the player’s body, the dress he or she is wearing or the paddle he is carrying will also fall under this prohibition. However, when you have struck the pickleball, you may cross the plane of the net. 

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One thing you must keep in mind is your paddle, or you can never touch the net, net system, net post, or the court of the opponent team while crossing the net. If you do so, you will lose the rally. 

However, you will find an exception to this generalistic rule that can be of your help while backspin or bouncing. The rule says a player can cross the net plane even before striking when the ball is bouncing back to his or her court untouched due to the wind or backspin. 

If you get into this sort of situation, you can undoubtedly cross the net plane to hit the ball toward the opponent’s count. However, you can’t touch the net, net post, net system, or the opponent’s court this time too. 

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Final Thoughts

You just went through an easy-to-catch explanation on your most asked question, Can paddle cross the net in pickleball? Actually, this is everything relating to this query. Hope you guys have found a clear idea about it.  This knowledge will certainly help you to boost up your playing experience.